Organic Cotton Teething Pads and Bib for Omni


  • Includes 2 Teething Pads and 1 Bib
  • Easy to use together with the Baby Carrier Omni
  • Soft Organic Cotton
  • Washable 40 Degrees
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Babies are great! Carrying babies is even greater! Carried babies are the greatest chewers and love to suck on everything they can get their mouths close to. This is why we have developed organic cotton teething pads and bib for your Omni.

The organic cotton teething pads and bib for your Omni Baby Carrier make it easier to wash and softer to chew on for your favorite little one.

You get 2 teething pads that you can use all the time and 1 bib for when you want to carry forward facing. They are easily fastened to the Baby Carrier Omni and keeps your baby carrier fresh without needing laundry longer. The teething pads and bib come in the color setting Ivory White.

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